My name is Jan Sjöberg and I am a typical forties (1946), also a philosopher, who enjoying life. I am married to a smart woman as well as a friend since 1969. We are proud parents of three beloved children.

In 2017, I started an inner and outer journey towards better health , a smoother body, a nice well-being and thus a better quality of life. Probably an even better golf games then? That journey now continues in 2020.

For some years now, I have been trying to write a story that is warm to my heart. The story is about today's dirty "religions" and about pure genuine love. I also write about workplace bullying , where I was known theory with own perennial < span style = "color: # 3366ff;"> "suffering" .

From time to time I write small speeches for friends. I also help write submissions for anyone who wants to try to influence. To my help, I have the rhetoric and p eda gogik > I read in college in recent years. My most recent mission to humanity was to work as medical engineering engineer in emergency care. I still miss the extremely interesting work with and in the hospital's neonatal ward. It was a great time. During periods I worked as a politician in the county councils, the council and the school board.
I was also a politician during a period in the Swedish church at national meetings, in the council and in church councils. She died of happiness
I went to wake her, as seriously as I usually do. Then I felt that something was terribly wrong. A mob's diary
Suddenly I hear faintly how the "boss" sneaks up behind me. I see his wicked grin and understand that he has found again …… ” Days with KML
The same day I celebrated the year, February 18, and I was on the golf course, the doctor from the urologist who called me ..... A hematologist would call me later in the day or the day after. Death's waiting room
The only thing she said when we showed her the room at the elderly home was - I want to go home! Drive me home. Please, drive me home! I want to die at home!

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